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Dr. Liz is a world-renowned and world-wide (45 countries) Animal Communicator and Holistic Wellness & Behavior Consultant for Animals, Intutive Counselor & Healer for People, Best-Selling Author & Newsletter Publisher, Ordained Spiritual Healer, and Essential Oils Consultant.
A wonderful speaker and workshop facilitator, she has received standing ovations in the United States and Canada. Visit her Hub web-site to learn more about her extensive products and services.

This page contains information on:
Appearances (including Bill's Wonderland) & Workshops
Radio Broadcasts
Webinars, Tele-Classes

Learning How to Hear the Animals: Mentoring with Dr. Liz

Appearances & Workshops

Dr. Liz offers Animal Communication Sessions and Animal Consultations for wellness, Health and Behavior. Advance appointments are recommended but not always required. Pre-registration for some events IS required
Closed events are not listed.

  • Sunday, September 17, 2017, Magnolia, NJ.
    Bill's Wonderland of Pets.

    Next date: TBA

    Dr. Liz appears monthly on a Consultancy basis at Bill's Wonderland of Pets in Magnolia, NJ. She facilitates sessions from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm on Understanding Animal Viewpoints and Behaviors, Holistic Animal Wellness, and Animal Energy Healing. If you're a repeat customer as many of you are and know already what session you want,
    click here to order. To read more about the Consultancy Sessions on Animals' Viewpoints and Behavior, Holistic Animal Wellness, and Animal Energy Healing that Dr. Liz click here. To learn more about Bill's Wonderland of Pets, click here.

    Advance appointments are strongly recommended but not necessary. You can call the store at 856.435.0800 after 11:00 am on any "Dr. Liz" day and find out what session times are available for you. If Sunday's don't work for you or you already know you need a longer session than those available at Bill's, you're still in luck!!! Appointments with Dr. Liz on other days and for longer periods of time are available either by Telephone, Internet, Skype, or in-person in the Animals' Healing Room in Dr. Liz's Wildlife Habitat in Washington Township, Gloucester County, NJ. Email Dr. Liz for more information.

    (*Rain Date Oct. 7*)
    WOOFSTOCK 2017!!!
    John Connelly Park Voorhees NJ
    11:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Woofstock is the largest annual fundraiser for the Voorhees Animal Orphanage!!! It started out 21 years ago as a very small event held on the front lawn of the shelter with a few vendors and light attendance. Fast forward to now, and the event has grown to fill the space of the wonderful John Connolly Park in Voorhees, NJ. A huge, outdoor, family & pet friendly festival, Woofstock features live music from local musicians, dog demonstrations, gourmet food trucks, a raffle basket, an alumni parade, and special guests including ME Dr. Elizabeth Severino ... doing animal communication and animal wellness consultations ... for my 20th year helping here!!! Other special guests include the Joseph Ferko String Band and Master Chef Joe Poon.

    ALL PROCEEDS from my sessions at this event are donated to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, as they have been EVERY YEAR in the 20 years I've been helping!

    To order/reserve your session time, go here.


If you are interested in learning about animal communication, animal healing, spiritual healing, and/or using essential oils for animals and/OR people email us to be put on our class invitation list. Why? Because classes are filling from the invitations list!!!
Dr. Liz also offers a Web-delivered Animal Communication Mentoring Program. See below.

NEXT ESSENTIAL OILS WORKSHOP: Tentative date is May 2018 and tentative location is central PA


"I love listening to you. I could listen to your voice all day."

"I didn't call in to the number and ask a question because I didn't want to miss anything!"
-- Lisa L., NJ USA

Dr. Liz has guested 18 times on Far Out Radio hosted by good friend K. Scott Teeters. Archives of her appearances on the show are available for listening here.

Topics are as varied and she is and include What's it Like to be an Animal Communicator, Shamanic Journeying, Sniffer Dogs, Eating to Elevate our Spiritual Level, Animals and Grief, Animal Miracles, Developing Intuition, Energy Healing, Essential Oils, Pet Food Safety, Animals as Non-Human Persons, and much more.

* Talk'N'Angels

Talk'N'Angels ... Live Radio Broadcast with Simultaneous Live Web-Cast. Dr. Liz talks about animal communication, receives calls from listeners from Florida to NJ, and leads everyone in a powerful prayer. Click here to listen to the MP3 of the show.




Dr. Liz facilitates a unique, personal,Web-delivered Mentoring Program. Dr. Liz draws on her extensive experience as an animal communicator and medical qigong energy healer working in 43 countries in multiple languages to facilitate this amazing and life-altering program. Dr. Liz will meet you wherever you are and help you move forward with your expression as an Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Being. She will help to powerfully facilitate your awareness, connection, and growth. Each Lesson you receive will be appropriate for YOU. How you "do" with that Lesson, will influence Dr. Liz's choice of your NEXT Lesson. Lessons and meditations are paid for on an as-you-go basis. There are four Levels in the Mentoring Program. Dr. Liz will be happy to take you as far as you can go.

To enter the program, first prepare an essay indicating your specific interests relative to realizing your connection to Source and helping animals. Include where you feel you are in your life, what your primary issues are that you would like handled and/or improved, and what you feel you would most like to realize in a life of service to the greater good.

When you feel you're ready for Dr. Liz's Mentoring Program, Contact Dr. Liz to inquire about being accepted.

What others have said about Dr. Liz as a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher:

"I am very grateful to you for creating a sacred space for me to explore myself spiritually, to give me the courage to explore ... I somehow draw from your courage, it is a nurturing courage, warm and soothing yet very stable and strong. I am able now to fully realize the Truth that there are many paths to God and the difference between spirituality and religion. The most important thing I have learned is I now have my own relationship with God and my animals, and ONLY God and myself are in charge of that relationship ... this is what I learned through you, my dear spiritual mentor."
--Joyce H., New Jersey

"Elizabeth, since you came into my life, I feel I've grown out of a lifetime of a desperate and frightened soul into a new lifetime of inner peace and happiness, looking with a positive attitude to what the experiences of my true spiritual journey are teaching me. By 'doing' the things you have taught me in the Mentoring Program ... the meditations, prayers, affirmations, processes, reading what you recommend and doing the lessons ... well, my spirit/soul thanks you and me for the healthy food. The Mentoring Program Lesson on "Reflecting" is a particular favourite of mine because it's helped change a life-long habit/pattern that had dragged me down for years."
--Marge H., Alberta, Canada

"I want to thank you Elizabeth, for your guidance and the sharing of your gifts. I can truly say that meeting you, workshops with you and the Mentoring Program, have set me on this new journey that is the most exciting of my life. It feels whole and healthy. At last I can go about life with calm and certainty that I'm doing here what I'm supposed to be doing, and that I'm becoming a better person."
--Vicki M., Oregon


Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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