Prayer Petitioners' Guidelines for the Public Prayer Board

We know how exceedingly comforting and inspiring it is to see one's petitions posted for all to hold lovingly in prayer.
That said, t
he Public Prayer Board is exactly that, Public. We receive prayers from all over the world.
For your protection and privacy, to gain some consistency for petitions, and to avoid libel issues at this site, please honor the following guidelines.

Please be considerate of us that each prayer needs to be reviewed and approved before posting. If in your heart you feel you MUST use yours or anyone else's information, please do not post to the Public Prayer Board. Instead, put your prayer privately into to the private Basket of Blessings.
For your privacy when posting to the Public Prayer Board:
1) Do NOT use your last name or anyone else's last name.
2) Do NOT use e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Requests with full names or other identifying information or email addresses or links will not be posted.

To be considerate of others, including our reviewers:
1). Avoid making accusations about others' faults, sins, etc.
2). Avoid CAPITAL LETTERS. They are difficult to read.
3). Avoid excessively long prayers. Excessively long prayers (more than 25-30 lines) will be shortened.

We will not publish:
Inappropriate prayer requests.
2). Prayers submitted that require numbers of repetitions, publication, etc. as a guarantee of a favorable answer.
3). Links to external web sites, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

We appreciate your use and love for this Web-site.
We hope you will understand the need for these guidelines.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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